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News Alert:  Online Business Marketing Has Again Changed –
Let Us Help You Understand Why

Search engine marketing (SEM) used to be simple. Insert some keywords within your web pages from the SEO perspective, run a few PPC ads targeting your primary keywords to complement that, and watch the traffic take off.  But today’s search marketing is more complex. Currently, search results are more about site authority, site quality, social signals and much more.  The cost of PPC on Google has skyrocketed, making your relevancy score more important than ever.  Now, Search Engine Marketing has evolved into Search Marketing (SEO + PPC).  Has your search engine marketing kept up with the competition?

Evolve or Die

Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.  With paid search, local search, product search, personal synergy with social media; there are more ways than ever to entice online traffic.  You need a mix of strategies in your search marketing plan.  the SEM edge can provide a complete suite of online business marketing services tailored to your business.

We Know What Matters
and it is not
What You Read From The Online Experts

If you read something on the internet, it has to be true, right?  Today’s search marketing can be a confusing mix of initiatives propagated by self appointed experts. How does SEO really work now? Does PageRank still matter? Will a thousand new links to your website fix everything?  Does paid search add value or just cannibalize your organic traffic? How much effort should go toward social media? Which social sites really matter?

If you attempted to follow the advice of all the so-called “experts”, you could find yourself moving in too many directions and you risk spreading yourself too thin. On the other hand, sit still and your competitors race on by.  Who can you trust?

At the SEM edge, we have ten years experience in business analysis and search engine marketing. We can create strategies for you that have the greatest chance of success, not one that just drains your precious resources.

Let us help you navigate your way through the search engine marketing maze.